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Tertiary Scholarship Fund 2018

Tertiary Scholarship Fund

Rewarding the academic excellence and
community involvement of local and international students in Victoria


  Five scholarships worth a total of more than $13,000
will be awarded in 2018:
• Excellence Award, 1st, 2nd, 3rd
• Community Award
• Overseas Students’ Award

Selection Criteria

• Academic excellence
• Voluntary community service
• Personal interview of shortlisted candidates


Eligibility Requirements

Open to both local and international students, applicants must be in their second year or above, enrolled full-time at an accredited tertiary institution in Victoria, and have scored an average of at least 70 points for four subjects over two semesters. Post-graduate candidates by research can submit a transcript of their final year undergraduate degree results.

Applications open now via the online application form.


What Is The TSF?

The Tertiary Scholarship Fund was established in 2005, with the aim of encouraging academic excellence and community involvement amongst full time students who are enrolled at any tertiary educational establishment in the state of Victoria in Australia. The scheme is absolutely non-discriminatory; there is no restriction on an applicant’s background based on nationality, residency, ethnicity or faith. It is also not means nor income tested.

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